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Restore Windows® 7 in Samsung® R580

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How to restore Windows 7 in Samsung R580 and what are the things to be kept in mind while doing so?

Samsung R580 notebook comes preinstalled with Windows 7 operating system. Microsoft provides certain repairing mechanisms with its Windows products to overcome the software issues that can come in the operating system. Software issues can occur while you are installing any incompatible or driver software in the system. Malware infections can also cause problems, such as sudden shut down, reboot problems, etc. By performing ‘System Restore’ you can fix all trouble making files and other issues in your Samsung R580 notebook. For getting ‘System Restore’ option, go to the ‘Start’ and navigate to ‘All Programs’ list. Select ‘Accessories’ on which you will get ‘System Tools’ option, then click on ‘System Restore’. There you would get two options; to restore the system to factory settings and restore to some other restore points created by yourself. If you want to roll back your system to its factory settings, you need to select “recommended settings” on the Windows Restore page. By performing the restore process you can regain your system performance.

Some of the things you should keep in mind while restoring Windows 7 in Samsung R580 are described below:

  • Backup Data
  • Install Drivers and Application Programs
  • Update Windows 7

Backup Data

When you restore Windows 7 operating system in Samsung R580 notebook, there are chances of data loss. If you are restoring the Windows 7 to the factory settings, you will definitely lose stored data, drivers and installed software programs. So, you should selectively backup all the necessary data to external storage mediums, such as USB flash drives or DVDs.

Install Drivers and Application Programs

Your Samsung R580 notebook may have application software, such as Microsoft Office, camera software and drivers for additional peripherals. While restoring the system to factory settings or any other restore points, there is a chance for losing such applications. After performing the restore process, you need to reinstall all needed additional driver software and applications programs.

Update Windows 7

When you restore Windows 7 in Samsung R580 notebook, you will surely lose all the updates that you have done. So, to make the system up-to-date, you need to update Windows 7 after performing the ‘System Restore’. Otherwise, it can affect the performance of the system and cause security problems.

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