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Network controller in Samsung® R530

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What are the most probable reasons why network controller does not work in Samsung R530?

The Samsung R530 is a 15.6 inch laptop manufactured by Samsung. The supported resolution of Samsung R530 is 1366×768. The Operating System preinstalled in Samsung R530 is Windows 7 Home Premium Operating System. The model is powered up by Intel’s Pentium Processor with a clock speed of 2.2 GHz. The internal memory supported by Samsung R530 is 4GB RAM. The hard drive capacity of Samsung R530 is appreciable, which is 500 GB. The graphics card which comes along with the system is GMA 4500M. Connectivity features are enhanced by Ethernet connector and Wireless LAN. Samsung R530 also features VGA and HDMI ports, three USB pots, 3-in-1 media card reader, modem jack and much more. Network controller in your Samsung R530 provides an interface to the network for your system.

The reasons for the incorrect working of the network controller in Samsung R530 and the tips to resolve the issue are explained in the following:
  • Correct driver
  • Problems with the network adapter
  • Malware attack

Correct driver

To get good network connectivity in your Samsung R530, you need to install appropriate driver for the network controller. Necessary files would be included in the driver. You must update the driver so as to maintain good performance of the associated network controller in Samsung R530. You are permitted to download the drivers for you system from Internet if you do not get them along with the hardware during the purchase.

Problems with the network adapter

The network configuration of the system plays an important role in transfer of data to and from the network. You could configure the network such that it would transfer the needed data via the protocols. If the network has not been configured properly then there would be a failure to the proper functioning associated with the transfer of data. You could acquire the help of your network administrator or internet service provider to ensure that the protocols have been configured for the proper working.

Malware attack

Your system must possess an excellent antivirus software that is strong enough to remove all sorts of malwares present in your Samsung R530. The important files for the network controller might get ruined by the attack of dangerous malwares. In order to prevent such a situation, scanning must be done for all the files in Samsung R530. The antivirus solution automatically detects and removes all sorts of suspicious files from your Samsung R530.

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