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Restore Factory Settings in Samsung® R530

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Provide the tips to restore factory settings in Samsung R530

Samsung R530 is a laptop which is pre-loaded with the genuine Windows 7 Home Premium. The processor which is used in this Samsung R530 laptop is Intel Pentium Processor with the clock speed of about 2.30 GHz. This model provides excellent speed as well as great performance. 15.6 inch LED high definition display with better resolution is included with the Samsung R530 laptops. The graphics memory is about 512 GB. The hard drive capacity of the Samsung R530 laptops is provided with the 320 GB. This model is not provided with the Bluetooth or modem. Factory settings on the system is done so that you would be able to recover the system from any major faults in the system which does include system crashes, damage to registry files and so forth.

The following are the tips to restore the factory settings in your Samsung R530.
  • Backing up of data
  • Use the recovery partition
  • Restore factory settings
  • Take technical support

Use the recovery partition

The recovery partition on the laptop is a selected portion on the laptop that allows you to set the system back to its factory settings. The recovery partition on the system is responsible for holding all the Windows Operating System files as well as the needed device drivers on the system. You can access this by locking the Operating System, rebooting the laptop and pressing the function key. A list of options would appear to you of which you can choose the option of setting the system back to its factory settings following the step wise procedure.

Backing up of data

While restoring Samsung R530 laptops to the factory settings you must backup all the relevant data in order to avoid the loss of data. While restoring the Samsung R530 laptops there might arise many issues due to these issues the system might lead to crash or errors might occur within the system. When errors occur within your system you must get the help from iYogi tech experts for Samsung laptop support to get rid of these issues by calling at 1 855 961 6161.

Restore factory settings

If any drivers have been updated or installed on the system after it has been purchased or any upgrades have been done to the system; then the laptop would in effect lose the drivers and the updates after the system has been restored to the factory settings. You can save the drivers so that it may be installed once the system is restored back to its factory settings.

Take technical support

Setting the system back to its factory settings might not be an easy task in certain cases. So, in order to ensure that an effective factory settings is performed you can take the support of experts from the Internet. You may take the help in setting the system back to its factory settings. This would ensure that there is no loss of data or problems that have been incurred in the process.

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