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Drivers for Windows® 7 in the Samsung® R519

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Installing different types of drivers for Windows 7 in the Samsung R519

Drivers are software which helps the Operating System to identify the ways to operate different devices. These drivers transform the user request in the precise format to their respective devices and re-transform the result from the devices to the user. This communication is done through the different buses inside the Samsung R519. The drivers have two layers; the physical layer handles the communication and the logical layer is responsible for the data processing. Drivers also let you spot the troubles inside your system. The different drivers available for Windows 7 in Samsung R519 are video drivers, touchpad drivers, webcam drivers, audio drivers, wireless network drivers and chipset drivers.

The following points are tips that can help you to install Windows 7 drivers successfully:

  • Ensure sufficient memory
  • Run an antivirus software
  • Open compressed folders

Ensure sufficient memory

Each of the drivers in the Samsung R519 need some amount of memory and some resources within the system. If sufficient memory is not available in your system, the installation will continue for as long as the available memory inside your PC lasts. After this the installation might automatically stop and might start to display some type of error message. Provide adequate memory before the installation by deleting unnecessary files that you no longer use.

Run an antivirus software

Removing malware before the driver installation will help you to complete the installation of drivers without any interruptions. If you do not run any antivirus software, and your system is infected with viruses, then pop-up windows might come up and interrupt the installation process. Hence, it is always recommended to scan your Samsung R519 with an updated antivirus to remove the viruses.

Open compressed folders

Most of the driver installation files might come in compressed folders. In such cases you need not use the installation disc but you can download the drivers from the official website of the manufacturer. In this case you need to open the compressed folder and then run the setup files in order to install the drivers. Uncompressing the folders might need extra space so ensure you have adequate space in your memory.

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