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Install drivers for Samsung® R480

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What are the guidelines to install drivers for your Samsung R480 notebook?

All computers require drivers. Drivers are the link between the operating system installed on a computer and the hardware devices. Without drivers, the hardware components would not be able to understand the requirements of the operating system/ user. Samsung R480 is a true performance machine that comes with the latest of Intel processors and high quality internal components (such as graphics cards, video cards, network cards, sound cards etc.) that complement each other. Basic drivers would get installed on the system along with the operating system but the specific components would require specific drivers. When installing the drivers for Samsung R480, users must ensure that the drivers at hand are compatible with each other and that they are genuine. Installation of incompatible or illegitimate drivers can cause many issues such as blue screen errors, system freeze and multiple hardware malfunction.

Following details mentioned below gives users more information regarding tips to install drivers for Samsung R480:

  • Use safe mode
  • Run antivirus program
  • Create manual restore point

Use safe mode

Safe mode is an operational state in which system would be running on only bare necessary services. All Samsung R480 users installing drivers for their systems are requested to install the drivers when the system is in the safe mode. The safe mode can be accssed by tapping the ‘F8′ key when OS is loading. Installing the drivers in the safe mode would reduce chances of errors or issues coming up during the installation of the drivers.

Run antivirus program

Before installing drivers on Samsung R480, users are advised to run the antivirus program installed on the system or install a separate one and scan the system. The entire system including unused partitions of the hard disk should be thoroughly scanned and all malware must be removed. This is required as presence of malware within the system at the time of the driver installation can cause corruption of the drivers.

Create manual restore point

When installing Samsung R480 drivers, users must create a manual restore point. This should be done as some problems such as blue screen errors or recurring system restarts can come up after installing some of the drivers. In such situations, the restore point can be used to restore the system to an ideal working state.

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