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Touchpad in Samsung® Q35

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Are you inquisitive about the use of touchpad in Samsung Q35 ultra mobile notebook and different issues that can come with it?

Samsung Q35 ultra mobile notebook is powered by Intel Centrino Duo processor. The processor is powerful to perform computing for all kind of everyday applications. The notebook comes preloaded with Windows operating system. The battery used in this notebook is Lithium ion battery. Samsung Q35 ultra mobile notebook uses Intel Integrated graphics card. Samsung Q35 ultra mobile notebook has a hard drive capacity of up to 120 GB. Touchpad is a device which is used as a substitute for mouse in laptops and notebooks. The specialty of the touchpad is that it is compact and can be integrated easily in the notebook. Your Samsung Q35 ultra mobile notebook also comes with a quality touchpad. Sometimes, issues may occur with the functioning of touchpad in Samsung Q35 ultra mobile notebook.

The following points can help you in resolving various issues that may come up in touchpad in Samsung Q35 ultra mobile notebook:

  • Touchpad too sensitive
  • Non-responsive cursor
  • Stuck cursor

Touchpad too sensitive

The touchpad is controlled by using a finger. You need to move the finger over the touchpad to move the pointer. If the speed of the pointer is very fast, then you may not be able to navigate the pointer in Samsung Q35 ultra mobile notebook. In order to resolve this issue, you need to adjust the settings. The settings for the touchpad can be accessed from the ‘Control Panel’. Adjust the acceleration of pointer based on your preference.

Non-responsive cursor

Sometimes, the cursor will become non-responsive when you try to move it. This is often a temporary issue and you can easily resolve it. Remove the finger from the touchpad and wait for some time. After that, try to move the cursor. You will see that the issue is resolved. This is caused due to the temporary lag between the operating system and the device drivers of the touchpad in Samsung Q35 ultra mobile notebook.

Stuck cursor

If the cursor is not moving appropriately, then you need to reboot your Samsung Q35 ultra mobile notebook. If the rebooting of Windows does not resolve the issue, then you need to update the touchpad drivers. If the issue persists, then you can try reinstalling the touchpad drivers in Samsung Q35 ultra mobile notebook.

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