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Hidden BIOS menu offered in Samsung® NC10

What are the various ways to update Samsung NC10 BIOS?

Samsung NC10 net book is the most professional looking netbook available. It is white in color with a mirrored Samsung logo. It has rounded square edges and is very smooth and professional. The status light on the front edge is silver trim, glowing blue, and reddish orange. The ‘Power’ button is blue and glowing and is positioned on the circular night hinge. NC10 has the best keyboard available on netbook. The touch pad has a scrolling bar which is very useful. It supports multitouch controls and drivers from synaptic. Because of this pinch and zoom functions for pictures and web pages, it is possible it can also recognize other gestures. It includes three USB ports, a 3-in-1 reader for the memory card, jacks for mike and head phone, VGA port, and Ethernet jack. But it lacks an express card slot. So, a mobile broadband modem card cannot be added. But a compact USB modem can be used. The basic input/output system is called the system BIOS. The code of this software is the first code that would be run by the PC when it is powered on. The loading and starting of the Operating System are done by the BIOS. If the BIOS in laptop gets corrupted, the system would hang. To solve this problem, you have to reset the BIOS in laptop. Then only the system would start booting.

Discussed below are some points that would help users know more about Samsung NC10 BIOS or you can call at 1 855 961 6161 for support for Samsung laptop provided by iYogi.

  • Comparison
  • Hidden BIOS settings
  • How to update BIOS


It is the best netbook available in the market when compared with similar netbooks like ASUS Eee PC1000H and Lenovo Idea Pad 10 or MSI wind. It is 10.3*7.3*1.2 inch in size. The weight is only 2.8 pounds. It has a side cell battery. ASUS is 3.2 pounds in weight while Lenovo and MSI weigh only 2.6 pounds. Samsung NC10 is half an inch longer than Lenovo. All the same, it is very easy to hold on the lap and light enough to carry in a shoulder bag.

Hidden BIOS settings

The advanced options are initially hidden from the user in Samsung NC10 netbook. These options are CPU control, MCH control, and ICH control. All these options appear under a new tab called ‘Intel’. These advanced options can be unlocked easily. Press ‘Fn+F11′. Then press ‘Fn+F12′. Disable the ‘Caps lock’. Scroll using arrow keys. A new tab ‘Intel’ would be seen which is the key for the advanced options.

How to update BIOS

First, the attached file is to be downloaded. When the attached file is run on the Windows, BIOS would be upgraded automatically. After this, the system would reboot. Press ‘F2′ to enter system setup and press ‘F9′ for load setup and default. Press ‘F10′ for save and exit in the BIOS screen. While updating the BIOS, power should not be switched off. Another way to update the Samsung NC10 is with FREEDOS by using a bootable USB drive. For doing this, you have to first create that drive using UNetbootin. First download the UNetbootin. Then by using that, create the drive with the option FREEDOS. To the ROOT of your drive, copy the BIOS DOS updater taken from the website of Samsung. Now boot the NC10 with the help of USB drive. Then the tool, DOS BIOS update, is executed.


    Here is the Official website link that can be very helpful while uprading NC10 BIOS http://www.samsung.com/us/support/owners/product/NP-NC10?tabContent=content2


    I have a 5 years old NC10 Samsung Notebook. everything was working fine till now. Last week I tried to upgrade my BIOS but it failed. Error message stated that Model no. is different

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