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Drivers for Samsung® N130 Netbook

What are the tips to resolve the issues that may arise while using the wireless drivers for Samsung N130 netbook?

Device drivers create a communication bridge between the Operating system and the hardware device. Windows cannot communicate with the connected hardware without a device driver. Driver programs are Operating system specific which means you can use the same device or different Operating system but driver program for devices would be different for Windows XP and Windpows Vista. Most hardware devices are shipped with driver CDs that contains drivers for commonly used Operating system. The main role of the wireless network driver in Samsung N130 netbook is to support the wireless network in the system. The details about the functionalities of the device are actually provided by this driver to the Operating System. The Operating System can recognize the wireless device in Samsung N130 netbook, only after the installation of these wireless drivers. The wireless driver can help the user to resolve the issues related to the wireless device in the system.

Following are some of the issues that may arise while using the wireless drivers in Samsung N130 netbook:

  • System freeze
  • Unexpected system restarts
  • Hardware not functioning properly

System freeze

System freeze is one of the major issues that might occur in your system. The key reason for this is the virus attack. While installing certain wireless drivers, it can make Samsung N130 netbook unstable, which often results in system freezing. Another possible reason for system freeze in Samsung N130 netbook is the mismatch between the current drivers and the previous drivers in your system.

Unexpected system restarts

Another possible issue related to drivers in your Samsung N130 netbook is frequent restarting of the system. Installation of corrupted drivers is the foremost basis for this issue. Malware infection can also lead your system to restart frequently. System crashing can occur due to unpredicted restarting of the system. By installing drivers from authentic sources, you can sort out most of the issues related to drivers in your Samsung N130 netbook.

Hardware not functioning properly

At times after installation of brand new drivers on your Samsung N130 netbook, the hardware shows malfunctioning. This might be because the hardware fails to identify the newly installed driver in your system. This might be because the drivers installed might be an out-dated one that does not match the system requirements.

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